FiCAS Selected Crypto Assets ETI nominated for the award in the category
“Best Crypto Investment Product”

Zurich, Switzerland — FiCAS, a leading digital asset management firm, is thrilled to announce that its actively managed product, the FiCAS Selected Crypto Assets Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI), has been nominated for the prestigious “Best Crypto Investment Product” award. The nomination was made by a distinguished jury of prominent crypto experts from Switzerland and is a testament to FiCAS’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the cryptocurrency industry.

The award ceremony, organized by Finance 2.0, marked the first-ever recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of crypto investment products. Held on March 29, 2023, at the renowned Kaufleuten venue in Zurich, the event brought together industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts to celebrate the advancements and contributions made by companies and individuals in the crypto space.

FiCAS Selected Crypto Assets ETI stands out as a pioneering investment product that offers investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of digital assets. It combines the benefits of professional asset management with the transparency and security of a regulated exchange-traded instrument. The ETI’s unique approach has earned it a solid reputation among both institutional and retail investors. “We are honored to be nominated for the ‘Best Crypto Investment Product’ award by a distinguished panel of crypto experts in Switzerland,” said Marcel Niederberger, CEO of FiCAS. “This recognition highlights our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to providing investors with innovative and trustworthy investment opportunities in the crypto market.”

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